Review of Guntastic Latest PC Game

Wow. I’ve played some crazy games in the past (I’m looking at you Castle Crasher), but never anything as chaotic as Guntastic. And before I make any assumptions, let me just say that it was funny chaotic, not anger-provoking chaotic. Guntastic is a One-Shot-one-Kill multiplayer arena brawler that consists of eliminating other players as quickly as possible. For 25 seconds it’s a total war against your friends – everything that remains after the 25 seconds is eliminated.

These are super fast games. When I got used to the Gameplay, there were times when I thought 15 seconds would be a bit long. This should give you an idea of how ridiculous this game is.

Here in this Video game Blog, we decided to organize a virtual New Year’s meeting. Guntastic was selected and four of us played against each other in teams of two. It was good, because otherwise I would never have decided to play this game, and if I had, it wouldn’t have been as fun to check it out while playing alone against CPU characters.

So yes, I highly recommend playing Guntastic with a group of friends. We played online, but it also has a sofa-Versus setting, which is nice.After loading the game, the player receives high-energy music and from there the Player can choose how to proceed. It is possible to customize the matches, but we chose what was already configured, rounds of 25 seconds, 10 rounds per Match, the two best of the three.

The gameplay of Guntastic is awesome. It took me a few tries to figure out the best way to win a Game. Avatars appear in random places on the map to further confuse the player, and in addition, random weapons appear in different parts of the map. It is better to choose the weapons with which you feel more comfortable, but when it comes to the time limit and the distance of this particular weapon, sometimes it is better to choose the Weapon in front of you.

The weapons themselves can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Friendly Fire is one thing. I can’t count how many Rounds ended in self-destruction. Cannons bounce off surfaces, Ninja stars bounce and bounce, and often, even if you face the other player, your weapon will hurt both of you.

The music is great, nothing out of the ordinary, but it fits the game perfectly. The graphics are cute, a little old-fashioned and the avatars are vulgar, hideous, crazy and all around funky cool. From a unicorn on mushrooms to Zombies to a monkey in shades, it’s not clear if a lot of work went into creating these avatars or maybe not much at all. It certainly seems that the developers have had a lot of fun creating them in one way or another.

Overall, this is a great game to play with your friends. We all had a great time confront against each other. Guntastic is fast, chaotic, nail biting, and palpitations. They sit on the edge of the seat all the time.