Review of Kinetic Edge PC Game

I’m a sucker for neon vector graphics. I don’t know exactly why, but I’m willing to try any game that looks like this. It was the same with Kinetic Edge, a new game on Steam from SCT that uses bright colors and geometry for a fairly unique racing game, with other modes included. However, it takes more than mouth-watering graphics to play a good game, so let’s see if Kinetic Edge has what it takes.

The gameplay is quite simple, so it’s a good game to learn and play. In the main racing mode, you control a sphere or other geometric shape in a 3D environment where you have to navigate. Checkpoints are set up everywhere, which is good, because some platforms can be difficult. The goal is only to reach the end of the course first. I appreciate some good platforming, but I have to admit that some of the obstacles in the levels just feel inexpensive. For example, there are several areas covered with scoreboards that move your ball (or any other shape) away from the course without being able to mitigate it. In some places, your ball will take a different shape, whether you want it to or not, and it’s a mixed bag. If it works well, it’s fun to roll different shapes and bring them in the right direction. This is the kind of challenge I like. But most of the time, the shapes don’t dive at all; instead, they slide along very slowly. There were several times when I deliberately tilted my form to make it fall, even if it made it more difficult, just to make things more interesting.

There are a few other modes to consider, but they are definitely more Extras than key elements of the game. The golf mode is a fun change, but the controls are not precise enough to be competitive. It’s also more of a mini-golf than actual Golf, and I’m sure you can find better mini-golf games than this one. Maze mode is exactly what it sounds like: a maze in which you have to navigate. It is very difficult to do this when the point of view is behind the ball, and overall the mode just felt boring. After all, Gauntlet mode is not much different from race mode; it’s just a long obstacle course without checkpoints. I freely admit that I have not gone far in this area, but the Gameplay is no different.

In the end, the kinetic edge suffers from the fact that it has nothing that gives it an “edge”.”It looks like other games and it lacks everything that distinguishes it. I think the Gimmick is supposed to be the different shapes, but they are not implemented well enough to be a draw. Well, none of this means that it’s not a fun game, and I have no complaints about the fantastic neon visuals. But is it worth your money? Only if you intend to play with friends, I would say. And only if you are willing to make the different shapes work like I did.