Review of Puss Awesome Game For PC

Deep down, PUSS! is really a game for Speedrunner or for those who want to show their elite skills to dominate a ridiculously hard game. Advertised as “avoid them”, you take control of a cat’s head of your choice and go through a series of randomly generated levels. Although these levels are short and easy to follow on a path to an exit, they are not as simple as it might seem. You are faced with many obstacles, whether you are moving, dodging bullets, standing on certain tiles to open the area, etc. It can be a lot, and most likely an average player (or those who are starting to feel through the game) will choose the slow but steady approach.

But PUSS! it’s not that kind of game. It is supposed to be fast, and while you will be punished by the reduction of points for constantly taking your time, there will be many levels where the loss of a life is the punishment. Remember, in the first 10 levels, you get a few levels that are easy, but if you are unlucky, you get a difficult level right after that that leads to an end game. It only takes two seconds to constantly touch a wall to lose a life; It only takes a millisecond to hit balls and other obstacles to instantly lose a life.

It annoys me! It really depends a lot on happiness than on skill. You can get a number of simple levels (that is, those without balls or obstacles that cost at least lives immediately for me) or consecutive levels with difficult levels. The levels recycle (which I found after repeating the tutorial/the first world more than 50 times) so that I can see how the SpeedRunners can get familiar with the game. But I can also see that the average or casual player quickly loses patience if he Pass away again and again.

It also doesn’t help that the controls are difficult! I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to play this game both on PC and on Switch. Spoiler alert: our team played this game as a trick in our current PC tournament, and for that, I was able to use my mouse to move my cat. Although using the mouse makes it easier for my cat to maneuver, the problem I faced was speed. You can go through the options screen to change the mouse speed, but there were points where it was necessary to slow down the speed. It has become annoying to go back and forth through the options screen to fit.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through the options screen to adjust the speed on the switch. If you use a Joystick to move, the default speed is set slowly, and if you use both Joysticks, you can adjust the speed according to the inclination of the sticks. Based on this, you might think that playing on the console is the best way, but let me ask you this: what if your Joy-Con had the terrible drift problem? Yes, not such a good idea now. Well, you can also play with your finger on the touch screen, but I wouldn’t even recommend it, because your hand will probably block the screen and make you fail.

So, what’s lazy about this game? One Word: Demons. Rogue! disguises itself as a cute and catchy game about cats, but at the bottom of the game there are really evil elements. At random moments, after losing your whole life, a really scary and disturbing image appears on the screen, giving you a few more lives to continue. I think it’s when the game is what you would call “corrupt”.”I don’t know what it triggers, but for me it seems that it happens more when I am faced with a bad series of levels.

But even if Satan comes all at once to save me, I am confident to say so! this is a game that I recommend… buy on a sale. Unless you don’t mind dying a lot, relying on luck, demons and cats (and not epileptics), then be sure to get it and go to the city.